An innovative and deep approach to the fashion scene...

Belenist is an Istanbul based fashion, textile and e-commerce company.

It has a management culture that reflects global trends to all brands and products, and puts digital and innovation at the center of all business processes

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The harmony of experience and new generation approaches ..

Belenist has chosen to make bold expansions with its own brands as a sustainable model in segments and markets where the world’s most trendy fashion brands are located.

Many years of experience and collaborations with many global brands are the main factors that ensure high performance product quality.

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The DNA of Change and Transformation ... Sustainability

Belenist views the concept of sustainability not only from a populist perspective, but as a fundamental value for the world and people.
Responsive design, responsibility-based production, vegan fabrics, carbon foot rate processes, social ethics, renewable and recycled materials are all parts of the sustainability approach.

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Today's values are not about consuming more; needs better designed products with added value.
The fast, changing and new generation needs of the fashion retail industry; We respond with the right design solutions and fast collection service.
Belenist design team uses new perspectives that our customers need; It offers uninterruptedly together with the design and R&D teams in our manufacturers. Our experienced design team turns the most trendy products into a commercial value for our customers with both seasonal and monthly collections.